ffmpeg 0.5 for OS X

The original VholdR wearable camcorder, a tiny solid state camcorder that easily mounts to helmets, bikes, dogs and whatever else to capture POV video, is a good little package. For Mac users, the output format of this camcorder can be a problem to manipulate without lots of tweaking. The ffmpeg utility makes using these files, in their original state, easy on the Mac.

The video file VholdR generates is a Xvid AVI file. Normally, one would have to install the DivX codecs, then the Xvid codec redirector to get these files to work like quicktime files. I wrote a shell script and compiled the latest ffmpeg sources to convert these files into QuickTime MPEG4/AAC files without video transcoding. This conversion is fast, and retains all video quality from the original stream. The audio is converted into a 22050Hz/128kbps audio stream.

Download the ffmpeg 0.5 OS X binary and "vholdrmov" script.

Unpack that gzip'd tarball and copy the ffmpeg and vholdmov files into /usr/local/bin. Specific details about how this ffmpeg was compiled and which codecs it supports is described in the readme.txt file.