ffmpeg 0.5 for OS X

The original VholdR wearable camcorder, a tiny solid state camcorder that easily mounts to helmets, bikes, dogs and whatever else to capture POV video, is a good little package. For Mac users, the output format of this camcorder can be a problem to manipulate without lots of tweaking. The ffmpeg utility makes using these files, in their original state, easy on the Mac.

XCode 3.0 Copy Files dependency bug

One of our builds was breaking recently, and the error messages reported from Xcode 3.0's xcodebuild command were unusual. Xcode 3.0 has broken dependency handling, at least in one case.

Sharing shared libraries on OS X

Recently at work I encountered a problem with dylibs (shared libraries) with our OS X application. Our application is based on a cross-platform modular framework that runs on four different platforms, and the modular plugin architecture makes it easy to include new features into our programs.

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